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One of the many joys of living in this world is the opportunity to experience the glorious gift of Color.


Color is everywhere around us—and like everything around us—Color is energy, which we can use to transform and center ourselves through our clear and powerful intentions.


Historically, color therapy has been used for thousands of years. Hippocrates was said to have applied his medicine in rooms painted in soothing, treating patients with different colored salves and ointments. In ancient Egypt, China and India, people were dipped in colored pigment or bathed in light that was filtered through colored-glass windows.


Today’s color therapists may use a variety of techniques to release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blockages, including applying colored gemstones to the problem areas, colored light sessions, color breathing, color aromatherapy, color journaling, color affirmations, color visualization, and recommendations for a color-related diet.


In her continuing mission to promote color healing awareness, director Eleyne-Mari Sharp founded Aura House School of Color and Light in 2002.  


Accredited by the American Council for Holistic Healers, Aura House offers a variety of certification courses and pop-up classes online.


The school also hosts Color Therapy Month and the A Rainbow in the Clouds podcast.


School of Color and Light

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