Traveling Workshops

Aura House color therapy workshops are designed to encourage creativity, energy and optimism and alleviate anxiety, depression and stress.

Our traveling workshops are ideal for schools, organizations and seniors centers. Color therapy workshops are ideal for schools, organizations and senior centers. To book a traveling workshop, call Eleyne-Mari at 401-294-2297. All credit cards accepted.

The Color of Money 

Tired of being broke? Get rid of those "more money blues" and go for the Green! In this color prosperity workshop, you will discover how the color Green can help you improve your financial situation. Learn how to manifest abundance with Green meditation, journal writing, affirmations, color breathing, aromatherapy, gemstones, music and light.​


Colors of the Sea 

Life is like the ocean waves, always ebbing and flowing, either a high tide full of joy or a low tide of despair. Are you in pain? Have you suffered a tremendous loss? In this grief and wellness workshop, you will find your inner ocean of peace through writing, music and the colors of the sea. Did you know that seaglass is often called “mermaid tears”? Learn a powerful seaglass meditation and discover how the colors turquoise, aqua, cobalt, lavender and sea foam green can heal your life.


Dreaming in Color 

Are you dreaming in color? Would you like to know what the colors mean and how you can gain wisdom from your dreams? Explore your deeper self through the use of dream gazing, journaling, visualization, meditation and the Dreaming In Color luman deck.


Purple Reigns

Do you love, love Purple? You’re not alone. (Remember Donny Osmond and his purple socks?) In this color appreciation workshop, you will color with Purple, write with Purple, meditate with Purple--even create your own power bracelet with Purple! Discover why Purple truly reigns as you explore the emotional and physical qualities of this highly coveted color.

Rainbow Makers

This unique after-school program for children explores the history of color, emotional benefits of using the rainbow colors, color and creativity, rainbow writing, color affirmations, color visualizations, mandala coloring, using color lights, color breathing and Color Buddies power sprays. Children will produce their own Rainbow Makers projects and video scrapbook.

Rainbow Wisdom ​

​Always chasing rainbows? Don’t wait for a thunderstorm to experience the joys of Rainbow Therapy! Since ancient times, Color has been used in physical, mental and emotional healing. Whether you’re seeking your inner child, peace or empowerment, this color appreciation playground will brighten your life through rainbow readings, mandala coloring, chakra dowsing, journal writing, color numerology, meditation, visualization, affirmations, color breathing, aromatherapy, gemstones, music and light.​

Rainbow Wisdom provides a basic overview of color therapy, including its history, science and psychology.

Rainbow Writing 

Are you a writer in search of a muse? Do you want to express your joy, your grief, your pain? Discover how the power of the rainbow can help you improve your writing and your well-being! In this fun and creative writing workshop, you will stimulate your senses through color-associated writing exercises, journaling, meditation, visualization and music. For individuals of all ages and writing experience.


Sacred Colors 

Does the sun streaming through a stained glass window bring you joy? Does it give you solace or spiritual strength? In this illuminating workshop, you will discover how to heal your soul through brilliant stained glass colors, light and sound. You will learn about color symbolism, color chanting and the power of meditating with colored candles and light. You will create a beautiful Sacred Colors meditation bracelet.


Sweet Pink Party 

Where else can you wear rose-colored glasses and eat pretty Pink cupcakes while learning about the color Pink and its powers of unconditional love and compassion? You'll also write poetry, create valentines, meditate with Pink aromatherapy and rose quartz (the Love Crystal), learn Pink love spells and discover a wonderful Pink beauty secret.


School of Color and Light

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