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3/1/14 ~ Mark Wentworth


Mark Wentworth is a color specialist living in Portugal, who shares the transformational power of color through expressive arts and storytelling.   He has been studying and working with the healing power of colour and personal development for 26 years.


Mark is the founder of "Colour for Life", a training school for Colour Psycho-Dynamics and is also one of the founders of the Dynamic Heart Project, a not for profit association which takes Colour, Dynamic Theatre and other expressive arts out into the world to offer hope and creative solutions for positive living.

3/1/14 ~ Mark Wentworth -
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4/1/14 ~ Diantha Harris


Diantha Harris is a color therapist who has studied Interior Design, Healing Touch, Feng Shui, and several color healing therapies including Aura-Soma, Colour Mirrors and Floral Acupuncture.


She is the author of Simply...Color and the “Simply...Color” card deck and is also the creator of the “Simply...Color” color sprays.




4/1/14 ~ Diantha Harris -
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5/1/14 ~ Antoinette Terrey


A resident of Queensland, Australia, Antoinette Terrey has always been drawn to connecting with angels, colour, herbs and the magical knowledge of the Divine universe.  She is a Reiki Master, flower therapy healer, Angel intuitive medium and healer certified by Doreen Virtue and a Raindrop technique therapist.


After the birth of her son, Antoinette's role of being a mother helped her unlock her inner child. Through rediscovering the amazing joy of creativity and imagination, she began exploring the magic of colour and started creating tie-dye garments and linen.

5/1/14 ~ Antoinette Terrey -
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​6/1/14 ~ Bernard Charles


Bernard Charles is a registered metaphysician from Pennsylvania who actively uses his intuitive abilities to manifest and unleash the potential in every person he meets.

He performs intuitive card readings working with color, angels and traditional tarot to see clearly into situations for the highest good. In October 2011, he became certified in crystal healing where the world of gemstones and chakras aligned perfectly in his soul.


In addition to being a meditation coach, crystal healer and intuitive card and tea reader, Bernard is the author of The Intuitive Playbook for Empathy, Intentions and Gratitude: A 365-Day Color Journal and hosts “The Color Reader Club” forecasting videos on YouTube.

6/14/14 ~ Bernard Charles -
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7/1/14 ~ Dan Wittenkeller


Dan Wittenkeller is the Founder/Executive Director of Color Cares, Inc., a U.S.-based 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which performs and promotes paint color makeovers to help restore, inspire and change people’s lives.

7/1/14 ~ Dan Wittenkeller -
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​8/1/14 ~ Alijandra


Alijandra is the author of Healing with the Rainbow Rays.


She is an internationally-known author, teacher, healer, radio show host and producer, as well as a channel for Source and ascended master St. Germain.

8/1/14 ~ Alijandra -
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​9/1/14 ~ Valentina


A native of Bari, Italy, Valentina is a fashion designer, interior designer and author of three books, including Red: A Voyage Into Colors


Valentina’s projects have been featured Vogue magazine in Italy, California Home & Design and Antiques & Designs.

9/1/14 ~ Valentina -
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10/1/14 ~ Lynn Waldrop


Lynn Waldrop empowers people to create and generate change in their lives and bodies by utilizing tuning forks, colored light and other vibrational healing techniques. 


A medical intuitive and psychic medium, Lynn operates her Sound Color Light for Life vibrational therapy center in Acworth, Georgia.  She is a certified therapist in Color Therapy, Sound Therapy (including Cyma Therapy and Tuning Fork Therapy), a certified Access Consciousness Facilitator and Body Class Facilitator and a Reiki Master.

10/1/14 ~ Lynn Waldrop -
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11/1/14 ~ Moira Bush


Moira Bush is a spiritual teacher and color psychologist who has worked with Colour Mirrors since 2002.  Born in South Africa, she teaches color psychology and supports Colour Mirrors founder Melissie Jolly in setting up distribution centers across the world. Additionally, Moira created the beautiful Colour Mirrors oracle deck, an extraordinary tool which helps practitioners and students discover where their blocks and issues are and how to shift them. 



In 2012, Moira was asked by Archangel Metatron to start a color healing system called Silver Spheres, which opens the back of the chakras to facilitate the delivery of spheres from the Angelic 7th dimensions to be delivered to the 4th dimension.,

11/1/14 ~ Moira Bush -
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12/1/14 ~ Kathryn Goetzke


Kathryn Goetzke is the owner and chief Strategist at Innovative Analysis and is the Chief Mood Officer at The Mood Factory. She is the entrepreneur and innovator behind Mood-lites, a new category of lighting in the $5 billion dollar U.S. lighting marketplace.  


Kathryn started a non-profit organization for depression called iFred (the International Foundation for Research and Education on Depression) dedicated to rebranding the disease with the sunflower as the international yellow symbol for hope.,

12/1/14 ~ Kathryn Goetzke -
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