Rainbow Makers

Children sharing Joy through the power of color!  Rainbow Makers explores a different rainbow color each session, while producing their own Rainbow Makers projects in clay, collage and video.


To become an official Rainbow Maker, children (grades 1-6) must first complete an official Rainbow Makers workshop. Our 8-week after-school workshop explores color as a creative and healing muse, which helps children improve their home, school and social lives.


Topics include: history of the rainbow colors; exploration of emotional benefits of using the rainbow colors (like how to control your feelings of anger, fear, sadness and guilt); color and creativity; rainbow writing; color affirmations and intentions; color visualization; mandala coloring; using color lights, color breathing and Color Buddies.


To learn how you can bring a Rainbow Makers workshop to your school, scouting or youth organization, email us at aurahouse@yahoo.com.​


School of Color and Light

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