What if you are actually here at this time in our planet’s history, not to struggle, but to thrive? What if you are here to grow with Light, to bloom where you are planted? To give comfort and beauty to your fellow humans?


This beautiful aromatherapy bracelet helps awaken your connection to yourself and The Divine! Made with genuine Morganite (for love and compassion), Turquoise (for heart-centered creativity and communication), naturally aromatic Golden Sandalwood beads, and accented with Sterling Silver heart spacers.


For instant aromatherapy, rub the Sandalwood beads with your favorite essential oil. Each stretch bracelet is designed with positive intentions, cleansed with sound healing tuning forks, and charged under a copper pyramid before shipping. Includes affirmation and suggestions for use.


IMPORTANT: All stretch bracelets are strung with clear stretch cord. Avoid soaking in water. (Please note that the photo shows a sample bracelet. You will receive a similar bracelet to the one pictured. Bracelets are customized and may take 2-3 weeks to receive.)


Awaken! Aromatherapy Bracelet



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