Have you ever jumped into a pile of copper and gold-colored leaves or stood under a vibrant maple tree to absorb its glorious red energy? 

Treat yourself to an Autumn Attunement, a holistic grounding blend of color and scents that attunes you to the magic of the season. Energized for 24 hours under a copper pyramid, this chroma oil contains spring water, sunflower oil, 5 pure essential oils, 6 flower essences, and genuine carnelian, citrine, and peridot gemstone chips. (The radiant top layer represents the autumn sunlight.) 

Use in bath or sprinkle a few drops of this copper-colored liquid into your palm, rub hands together, and breathe in the earthy scent. 

To assist your transition with the seasonal changes, each 10ml glass bottle includes instructions (in PDF format) on how to self-attune to the colors of autumn—PLUS an Autumn Attunement grounding affirmation.

This is the first bottle in our Seasonal attunements collection. Used on a daily basis, it helps with grounding, gratitude, encouragement, and overall harmony.


Autumn Attunement



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