Rainbow Maker: Marie Lukasik Wallace

Marie Lukasik Wallace is the Project Founder & Director at The Love and Romance Project and the CEO of Marie’s Gold. She is also a poet and writing workshop facilitator, a retired elementary school teacher, and the author of The Romance Cookbook and Free to be Me: Creative Adventures for the Soul.

The following is an excerpt from Episode #7 of A Rainbow in the Clouds. Click here to listen to the broadcast.

Marie, is there a specific color that you seem to need or enjoy more these days?

Purple's always been my favorite color because it's majestic and it's just rich and very full. But these days it seems like yellow because I'm a big fan of the sun and the sunshine and I just feel like I'm in great need of more. I'm a sunshine girl, so I'm in great need of that. And of course, yellow is close to gold. A lot of the projects I do—because I am the love and romance gal—are red, and I see red and gold together a lot. So, I'm a fan of all the colors. I'm a big rainbow gal as well.

What does the expression "look to the rainbow" mean to you?

The first thing I think about are all the various people in the world with various backgrounds and personalities and culture and race and everything and they're all coming together, so they each come together individually, but they band together as the rainbow, right? And they connect to each other as this common thread. And we're looking more at the unity part of the rainbow versus the individual colors, how we all come together to uplift and give hope to the world when it does feel like it's chaotic or out of control or we don't know what's happened.

If there was one color that you could send as a gift to the world, which color would it be?

I'm going to actually go with yellow because when I think about giving someone something as if it's a present and they go to open it like a box, right? The vision I have is they open the box and it just spreads light and sunshine all over the world. So I would say yellow because it just reminds me of the brightness of things and the outlook. I read a quote today, something about the color or something about clouds, the darkness of the clouds. Well, when the clouds are gone, the sky is still blue. And I think that about yellow, it just offers this outlook that's more positive, that you can always go to and return to the source of happiness.

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