Rainbow Maker: Jannirose Fenimore

Jannirose Fenimore is a Spirit-led weaver of words, sharer of light, bearer of joy, lover of life, holder of hope and carrier of rainbow rays. She lives with her adopted son Charlie in their sacred sanctuary near magnificent Mount Shasta in Northern California. An earth angel blessed with Down syndrome, Charlie was adopted by Jannirose and her husband, George, in 1993. Jannirose gratefully assists Charlie’s calling as one of God’s special messengers by sharing his inspirational musings with the world. Jannirose is the author of Loving Outside the Lines: Lessons from an Earth Angel.

The following is an excerpt from Episode #8 of A Rainbow in the Clouds. Click here to listen to the broadcast.

Jannirose, you call yourself a carrier of Rainbow Rays and I’ve seen the rainbow headshots that prove that. You are one walking, talking rainbow! When did you begin carrying the rainbow and what is your colorful mission?

Well, I think it's something that's been a part of me for so long that I can't really tell you when it started. I think it came with me as a child. It became more obvious to me when I started doing healing work, probably about 30 years ago. When I was working with people, I would see the different colors come in during a healing session. It wasn't anything I intentionally called in, but they were always there, like helpers.

I've told this story many times. I asked God, "What do You look like?" And the answer that I heard in my heart was dancing "Rainbow Light." And that was a perfect answer for me. And it was delight to me to hear that. And that's why I almost passed out from joy. Whenever I get to see a rainbow or whenever I see even fabric with all the different colors on it, it really reaches me deeply. And, to me, that's a big part of my source and how I experience it.

You are an interfaith minister, a Reiki and sound healer. How do you use color when administering to your clients?

Well, aside from what just comes on its own, when I hold the space in a session, when I'm present and open to whatever Spirit wants to bring in, that kind of comes on its own. But I also have used fabrics, like silk scarves. You can buy a set of them for color therapy healing purposes and draping that on a certain certain part of the body or maybe a few of them, depending on what color that they need.

I have some lights. They're like theatrical can lights. You know yourself that in Europe, color therapy has been a thing for hundreds of years. And so I have these, all different color combinations. Blue-violet, violet-blue, many different colors that I can depend on. My guidance tells me that I can focus on a certain part of the body and so the person can get a color bath while they're on the massage table. And whether it's just plain energy work or it's with the sound tools, it's just like different layers of vibrational peeling that take place.

Is there a specific color that you seem to need or enjoy more these days?

You know, it's funny. It all depends on which day we're talking. I can and I have always had this experience, like if I were to get dressed in a hurry and not be consciously aware of what I'm choosing. I've had experiences in the past where I got out in the world and I realized I didn't feel right at all, like something was way off. And then it occurred to me I have the wrong color. It's not what I need for the day.

If I were to look in my closet, I would say I have lots of blues and lots of reds and pink represented more than anything, although I love all the colors. And my most favorite thing is I sew, so I have a piece of fabric under here. It's all different colors and that makes me the happiest. Just to see a piece of fabric or a garment or something that has all colors of the rainbow in it. That just makes me really happy. And it feels good. So for me, colors are like medicine. It's like a supplement.

If there was one color that you could send as a gift to the world, which color would it be and why?

Oh, boy, this is fun! This would be like a beautiful metallic gold, but it's got rainbows coming off it. It's got all the different colors in a subtle way, but it's the healing energy of the gold and with all the different colors, just almost sparkling, like radiating.

And to me, that means we're remembering who we are because I think it's so easy to forget here. And I think we're having such profound invitations now with the kind of slowing down, having the opportunity to look inward, seeing all these things that are breaking open. Maybe claiming our part in that and being able to really kind of settle down into that and remember who we are and what we're here for. And I think a lot of us have forgotten that. But we're having the opportunity of the ages to remember.

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