Rainbow Maker: Diantha Harris

Diantha Harris is a Florida resident who is simply wild about color and about helping people enjoy happier lives. Diantha is a professional color therapist, interior designer, Feng Shui designer, and the author of Sad Sandwiches, Simply Color, and Simply Color for Everyday Living.

The following is an excerpt from Episode #10 of A Rainbow in the Clouds. Click here to listen to the broadcast.

You have been working with the Aura-Soma system for many years now. And one of your favorite Aura-Soma bottles is Number 65, which is known as the "Head in Heaven and Feet on Earth" bottle. It's the purple-over-red bottle and it looks very mystical. Is this a color combination that you might recommend during these turbulent times?

Oh, most definitely. It's a great way to live with your feet on the earth, being very grounded because you really have to be in reality and know where you are. But also to have that connection with the Divine and with your guides and with that other world that brings us the wisdom of how to move forward. And then you have to be grounded, in order to manifest anything. To me, it's a really wonderful spiritual bottle that teaches us how to live each day.

Of all the many, many, many, many colors there are in this world, is there a specific color that you find yourself drawn to, one that you seem to need more these days?

Let's see. I would say right now I'm tending towards a lot of turquoise. I suppose that's the color of the new age. And we are definitely, you know, in a new age or moving towards the new age. But it's also an ancient color to me, of wisdom. And I think it's that searching for guidance and connecting to the ancients for their wisdom and their knowledge. And also it's a joyful color for me. I love, I love turquoise. It makes me feel new and younger!

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