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Aura House is pleased to offer online color-related courses from affiliated guest instructors.  To enroll, just click the REGISTER button to receive a confirmation letter from Aura House with further instructions.  

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Chakra 101 with Anne Hayman

An 8-week course conducted via email.

You will learn about:

  • where the chakras are located

  • their ancient sanskrit names

  • the sacred geometry that represents them

  • which crystals to use for each chakra

  • the easiest way to determine whether each chakra is balanced

  • many ways to balance each chakra

  • mantras that you can use to activate each chakra

  • how to do a chakra balancing session for yourself + others

  • which essential oils to use for each chakra

  • yoga poses that activate + align the chakras

  • color therapy + how color affects the chakras

Bonuses: Chakra 101 ebook, + workbook, 8 printable flashcards, Meditation 101 mini course, Retreat 101 mini course, access to private Facebook group

                          Anne Hayman is a sacred artist,                               holistic health practitioner, moon                               temple priestess and Earth Mama.                             She lives in Michigan.

Investment: $185


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