Education and Training

Certification Courses: Color Luminary

Our Fifth Dimensional certification course is self-paced and fully accredited by the American Council for Holistic Healers. (No pre-requisites required.) Each home study program is conducted by email. Certification courses are nonrefundable and must be completed within18 months after registration.


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Introductory Online Course: Color Empowerment 

Our 4-week introductory color course is available on an ongoing basis.


Introductory Audio Classes: Colors of the Sea, Loving Pink Heart Spa, Rainbow Crystal Journaling, Rainbow Reboot, Rainbow Wellness, Rainbow Writing


Traveling Workshops: Colors of the Sea, Dreaming in Color, Rainbow Makers (for children), Rainbow Wisdom

Our color and light workshops are designed to encourage creativity, energy, and optimism while alleviating anxiety, depression, and stress. Our traveling workshops are ideal for schools, organizations and community centers for youth and seniors.  


Guest Instructors

Aura House is pleased to offer online color-related courses from affiliated guest instructors.  Email us for details.




School of Color and Light

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