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An ancient energy healing method that has been used for thousands of years, color therapy is a powerful tool and readily available, from chromotherapy baths and colored tuning forks to colored lightbulbs and dual color therapy systems like Aura-Soma and Colour Mirrors.



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Our motto is: "Change your Colors...and you change your World!"   Colors are endless--and so are the opportunities to show your colors during Color Therapy Month:



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Meet this year's Color Ambassadors!



Arlene Arnold (Washington, USA) is a certified spiritual guide, healing facilitator and the founder of Complementary Color Therapy.  Arlene is the author of The Power of Color Mandala Coloring Book and created the ColorCards and Luminaries oracle decks.  www.thepowerofcolor.com




Brenda Dunn (United Kingdom) is an holistic/beauty therapist and color intuitive. Brenda is the creator of the Aurora Essence vibrational color orbs and energy support pendants. www.auroraessence.com





Diantha Smith Harris (Florida, USA) is a color therapist, interior designer, Feng Shui consultant.  Diantha is the author of Simply Color and Simply Color for Everyday Living, and created the Simply Color cards and Simply Color sprays. www.lifepotentials.net





Leslie Lee Skopick (Illinois, USA) is a color practitioner, color consultant, spiritual healer and horticulturist. Leslie has worked with a variety of color systems, including Aura-Soma, Colour Mirrors and ColorEnergy.  www.colorwithin.com





Lien Potgieter (South Africa) is the owner of The Colour Option, a company that teaches how to use colour as a tool for self-discovery, self-development, self-empowerment and transformation. Lien is a color intuitive, color reader and color coach. www.thecolouroption.com




School of Color and Light

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