How does Color Camp work?


Each session (aka activity) includes mp3s and PDF handouts. After you register, you will receive a confirmation letter.  The link to download your lessons will be sent to you during the first week of July (or anytime thereafter, depending upon when you registered.)



What are the sessions and when can I take them?


Color First Aid ~ healing with color breathing and gemstones, making a color medicine bag ~ Monday, July 10 thru Friday, August 28, 2017

Colorful Crafts  ~ creating mandalas, vision board, God's eye ornament, chakra bracelet, collage card ~ Monday, July 10 thru Friday, August 28, 2017


Nature Color Walks  ~ exploring the colors of nature, seeing auras, the power of the rainbow, making flower essences  ~ Monday, July 10 thru Friday, August 28, 2017


Sacred Colors  ~ color spirituality in music and art, colors of angels, communicating with the angels, color symbolism, color chanting, meditating with colored candles and light ~ Monday, July 10 thru Friday, August 28, 2017



Do I need any special supplies or equipment?


You will need a good, working computer or mobile device which can "read" and download PDF documents, graphic images and MP3s.  Any other items like crafts and cameras will be mentioned in your confirmation letter.  




What is Color Camp? 


It is a virtual summer program for adults who love to explore (and play with) Color. There are four sessions available from Monday, July 10 thru Friday, August 28, 2017.  You may attend the sessions in any order you wish.



What are the benefits of attending a 21st Century virtual summer camp?


- There is no official camp uniform and no one makes you sing “Kumbaya”.

- You'll be using your own modern "facilities", so you won't have to stumble around nature to use the latrine at night or build a fire so you can cook your own breakfast!

- You won't be waking up to a damp and mildewy tent.  

- You can sleep in your own, comfy bed instead of a sleeping bag on the bumpy ground.

- There are no whining mosquitoes to "bug" you (nor the blast of an annoying bugle). 

- You can eat as many Rainbow S'more's as you want and not have to share!








What are Color Empowerment badges?


Once you have completed your projects for a session, you are eligible to submit photos or documents of your projects to apply for a special Color Empowerment badge, which you are welcome to display on your personal website. (NOTE: Applying for a Color Empowerment badge is not a requirement to participate at Color Camp.)



How much does it cost to register?  


Each camp activity is available anytime from Monday, July 10 thru Friday, August 28.  To help establish conscious exchange, donations are the standard form of payment.  Suggested minimum donation is $29 per activity.



Color First Aid 




Colorful Crafts  



Nature Color Walks  



Sacred Colors 


School of Color and Light

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