Date:  Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Time:  7PM Eastern Time


Facilitator:  Eleyne-Mari Sharp


Brief Description:

Are the sight of four walls driving you ca-RAZY?


During this fun Cabin Fever Color Aromatherapy Playshop teleseminar, you will engage in your choice of colorful activities while color therapist Eleyne-Mari Sharp guides you on a rainbow journey to balance your seven major chakras.  


You will also learn how to elevate your mood with meditation, visualization, and a spectrum of activities, including:


~ creating a chakra color collage

~ creating a flower potpourri or flower essence

~ creating a color aromatherapy spray

~ creating a color wheel for dowsing

~ creating a meal to stimulate warmth and energy

~ using different colored candles for manifesting

~ determining your personal Life Path Color


Supplies needed:  a telephone, your Cabin Fever playbook, and activity supplies 


All registrants receive a confirmation email containing their teleseminar connection instructions, Cabin Fever playbook (in PDF format), and list of recommended supplies.


An mp3 recording of the teleseminar within 24 hours after the event.  


(If you have registered and are unable to attend the teleseminar, you will still receive the playbook and mp3.)



Cost:  minimum $10 donation or more



School of Color and Light

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