Each online tutored certification course is $700.


Curriculum Highlights..... History and Science of Color; Color Psychology; Auras and Chakras; Anatomy and Physiology; Color Healing Methods; Color Meditation, Color Counseling, and Professional Business Practices.

​Once you have registered, your confirmation letter will be emailed to you, as well as any digital materials you may require.  Additional materials will be sent via Priority Mail. (If you live outside the United States, an International shipping charge will apply.) Upon successfully completing your exercises and passing your Final Exam (which includes 6 case studies), you will receive your certificate (Dip. Aura--Color Therapy Practitioner), qualifying you to practice as a professional color therapist.


Includes: 18 lessons with exercises, three textbooks, two color meditation MP3s, one set of one set of chakra gemstones, Daily Color Meditation Cards, one set of 7 color therapy eyeglasses, one pendulum, watercolor paper, watercolor paints and one paint brush, one Rainbow Orb distance attunement


prerequisite: Color Therapy Practitioner

To live in the 5th Dimension is to open your heart, expand your mind, and become more conscious of the world we live in. 

It means the letting go of judgment, being here now, purifying your body, mind and spirit, and practicing Unity on a daily basis. These are the goals of the Color Luminary.

Color Luminary is Aura House's 5th Dimensional color certification course. Self-paced, this advanced color therapist course features 16 lessons with 4 modules, conducted via email with downloadable audio meditations.

Through a variety of Color Luminary workbook exercises and your own experiences, you will learn how to:


  • recognize and trust your own abilities and color intuition

  • operate a heart-based business

  • support Color Unity instead of becoming a fear-based competitor

  • contact angels for guidance

  • work with crystals and gemstones

  • create your own color cards and journal for personal reflection

Upon successfully completing your exercises and passing your Final Exam, you will receive your certificate (Dip. Aura--Color Luminary)


Students receive a water elixir bottle with genuine rose quartz PLUS an 8-bottle set of our high-frequency Lightwaves color support system--available only through this course!




School of Color and Light

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